Newsletter - 2013

The XXXIX Meeting of the Academia Ophthalmologica Internationalis
took place in Hyderabad, India in conjunction with the
APAO AIOS meeting 2013.

The APAO AOIS Congress was held at the Hyderabad International Convention Center (HICC) and the HITEX Exhibition Centre from 17-20 January, 2013 and was cosponsored by the International Council of Ophthalmology, the All India Opthalmological Society, and the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Members and their guests had ample opportunity to participate in Congress activities as well as enjoy the sights and attractions of Hyderabad. The meeting was the largest convention in Hyderabad to date. It was beautifully organized under the leadership of its President Azad.
Social events included the invitation by academicians Rao, Vasavada, and Nagpal, the Presidential Dinner on Friday, and the Gala Dinner on Saturday.
The spectacular opening ceremony in the presence of India´s President reflected the theme, significance, and heritage of India.
We are grateful to APAO and AIOS for their hospitality during our visit to Hyderabad.
Academicians Pran Nagpal, Abhay Vasavada and Gullapalli N. Rao invited the members for a dinner at the LVPrasad Eye Institute.

Opening ceremony

The inauguration ceremony was done in presence of Chief Guest Shri Pranab Mukherjee, President of India. "Poverty predisposes the indvidual to blindness. Empirical studies showed that low incomes not only contribute to high incidence of blindness, but 64% slip into poverty after the onset of the visual impairment", he said.  He told ophthalmologists that there cannot be better satisfaction than giving sight to the sightless. Amongst other academicians Bruce E. Spivey, President ICO, David Parke, CEO AAO, Dennis Lam, Secretary General APAO and Boris Malyugin, representative Russian Ophthalmologists Society gave welcome addresses. A spectacular story board laser show with multicolor be ams and graphics depicted the message "Welcome to Hyderabad". Thereafter all delegates were invited for "Beer and Biryani".

During the meeting the most prestigious "Jose Rizal Medal" was awarded to Academician Jialiang Zhao. The medal is given to an outstanding ophthalmologist for his excellence in ophthalmology in the Asia-Pacific region. The medal commemorates Dr Jose Rizal, an ophthalmologist who became a national hero of the Philippines. Dr Zhao has demonstrated not only academic excellence, but also exemplary leadership to develop ophthalmology in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.
A Presidential Dinner took place in the Hyatt Hotel, followed by the Gala Dinner on Saturday.

opening ceremony

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General Assembly

28 Voting Members attended the General Assembly                                            

 After the General Assembly a photograph was taken:

Aydin Abbott Kivela Parke Graue Malyugin Sahel Rao Belfort Ritch Lorenz Rao Billson Dua Spivey Vasavada CunhaVaz Oshika Ishibashi Zhao Straatsma Jager Nagpal Tassignon Lichter Wiedemann Taylor Delaey Li Sommer
Aydin Abbott Kivela Parke Graue Malyugin Sahel Rao Belfort Ritch Lorenz Rao Billson Dua Spivey Vasavada CunhaVaz Oshika Ishibashi Zhao Straatsma Jager Nagpal Tassignon Lichter Wiedemann Taylor Delaey Li Sommer

During the General Assembly six new members were inducted to voting membership and given their medals, pins, and certificates: Prof. Tero T. Kivelä (chair XVIII), Prof. Xiaoxin Li (chair XXXIX), Prof. Boris E. Malyugin (chair XLII), Prof. Robert Ritch (chair LI), Prof. Birgit Lorenz (chair LIV), Prof. Pinar Aydin O´Dwyer (chair LVI)


Academia Elects New Members

Outstanding candidates were nominated for Academia membership and six new members were elected:

Peng Khaw   chair LXVII
Joan Whitten Miller   chair LXVIII
Ana Luisa Höfling-Lima   chair LXIX
Emilio Campos   chair LXX
Stefan Seregard   chair LXXI
Christophe Baudouin   chair LXXII
Hans E. Grossniklaus   chair LXXIII


The Academia Ophthalmologica Internationalis (AOI) elected Bradley R. Straatsma, M.D., J.D., a past-president of the AOI to be awarded the Bernardo Streiff Gold Medal at the World Congress of Ophthalmology in Tokyo, Japan in April, 2014. The Streiff Medal is presented every 4 years "to an ophthalmologist who has contributed most, through history, ethics and education, to the advance of ophthalmology." Medal nominees are proposed by an AOI Awards Committee and the AOI Membership; then, an election by secret ballot determines the recipient of the Medal.

Special Scientific Session

The Special Scientific Session took place following the General Assembly.

Inaugural Lectures were then delivered by the six newly inducted Members;

The first Inaugural Lecture was presented by Prof. Tero Kivela: „Retinoblastoma: the number one eye cancer in our world". (see member presentations)

Prof. Xiaoxin Li delivered the second lecture entitled: „Prospectives in AMD Genetic Study of Chinese Population". (see member presentations)

The third lecture was presented by Prof. Boris Malyugin: "Cataract Surgery Techniques in Patients with Small Pupils"
Prof. Robert Ritch presented: „Sleep Apnea and Eye Disease“. (see member presentations)

Prof. Birgit Lorenz presented: "Current and future therapeutic approaches in retinal dystrophies: From the bedside to bench and back".

Prof. Pinar Aydin presented: "Cortical Visual Impairment in Children". (see member presentations)


Member presentation

Prof. Pran Nagpal presented “Indian fight against blindness-The unique eye camps".

Academia Oration

Prof. Paul Lichter introduced the Orator Prof. Yamuna Krishnan, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore who presented her fascinating and highly informative lecture:
"Designer DNA Devices to Probe and Program the Cell".



At the conclusion of our Special Scientific Session  the annual Academia Luncheon was held in honour of our AOI Orator, Prof. Yamuna Krishnan.

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AOI Symposia

The following symposia were held during the Congress

Management of difficult glaucomas

Co-Chairs: Robert Ritch, Hugh Taylor, Paul Lichter

Rubens Belfort, Brazil:
Glaucoma and uveitis

Dennis Lam, China:
Iridocorneal endothelial syndrome

Harminder Dua, Great Britain:
Managing glaucoma in eyes with opaque corneas

Tero Kivelä, Finland:
Management of glaucoma in eyes with melanoma

Zbiginiew Zagorski, Poland:
Epithelial ingrowth

Birgit Lorenz, Germany:
Genetics of primary and secondary congenital glaucoma. Prognostic and therapeutic consequences.

Robert Ritch, USA:
Glaucoma in the phakomatoses

Medical Ethics in Ophthalmology. Debate & Didactic and Discussion

(Co-Sponsored by AOI, ICO & SC. Committee AIOS)

Chair -  Dr Pinar Aydin, Turkey
Moderator - Dr Kadircan Keskinbora, Turkey
Convener -  Dr P N Nagpal, India

Ethics of implanting multifocal IOL’s
For Implanting – Dr D Ramamurthy
Against Implanting – Dr Marie-Jose Tassignon
Rebuttal – Dr D Ramammurthy – India
Ethics of Physician – Industry Interaction – Dr Paul Lichter – USA
Medical Ethics – Limitations & Compromises in Enforcement –  Dr P N Nagpal – India
Ethics – Caught or Taught – Should it be a part of  the curriculum – Dr Bruce E. Spivey- USA
Encouraging Group Practices – Different Types -Introduction -  Dr A R Vasavada – India
Ethics and Ocular Research Activity – What to care - Dr Pinar Aydin – Turkey

Panel Discussion

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Academia Lecture

presented by Gullapalli N. Rao: “Quality Eye Care at the Bottom of the Pyramid”


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AOI symposia in 2013


Copenhagen, Denmark,
June 8, 2013

Alternative options
for corneal transplantation

M.J. Tassignon,
M.J. Jager,
R.L. Abbott


Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia,
August  7, 2013,

"Dealing with Complications of Anterior Segment

Marie-José Tassignon and
Richard Abbott MD


Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia,
August  7,  2013,

„Treatment of Macular Disease“


Juan Verdaguer MD,
Stephen Ryan MD


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